Hi, I'm Johan, I build high quality web!

Hello! I'm Johan, a professional front end developer.

I do freelance based work within web development, consulting and marketing.

I'll keep this as short and brief as i can:

My name is Johan Bouveng, I'm 34, Swedish and I have been working the internets on and off since 1999.

Previous startups: Tradeshift Inc, http://tradeshift.com, the worlds first open global business cloud. reload.dk, signaldigital.com, kraftvaerk.net and polarrose.com, recently bought by apple.com

I live in Sweden at the moment, but are willing to relocate anywhere in the world!

I do the following:

On my spare time I cook delicious food :

…or fly airplanes as student pilot (will hold a private pilot license soon) :

/* work it harder make it better
   do it faster makes us stronger
   more than ever hour after
   our work is never over \o/ */

Thanks for your time. :)